ASME chairman report YIC2003 in detail in AGM speech

Ir Dr. Christopher Chao, Past Chairman of ASME HK Section, reported the Young Inventor Competition 2003 event in detail during his speech today.

A Young Inventor Competition, which was a new trial, was conducted in February 2003. The event was jointly organised by HKIE MMNC, IMechE HK and IOE HK. We had eight teams participating in the event. The first one was a rocket competition and the second one was a multi-engineering based exercise. All participants were secondary school students and our objective was to promote the various mechanical disciplines top our young people. The event was also interviewed by a RTHK Channel II DJ and the winners will join our coming-up overseas trip to Japan.

Hello world!

歡迎來到 青少年發明家比賽的網站。這是這裡的第一篇文章。不要看輕標題上的一句「Hello world!」。印出 “Hello World” 作為第一個範例程式,現在已經成為程式語言學習的傳統,亦有啟動的意思,因此我特別把這第一篇文章的標題定為「Hello world!」。