Maryknoll Fathers’ School reported YIC2006

Maryknoll Fathers’ School reported their achievement in Young Inventor Competition 2006 on their school website yesterday.

Maryknoll Fathers' School reported YIC2006
Maryknoll Fathers' School reported Young Inventor Competition 2006

The Young Inventor Competition 2006-01-24

Young Inventor Competition
Best Design Award and First Runner-up in Young Inventor Competition

Organized by :The H.K. Institution of Engineers, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Mechanical Engineering Society, HKU

Date: 21/1/2006 (Sat.)
Venue: University of H.K.

Best Design Award (Trophy and $1000 cash coupon) won by
Chan Ying Lim, Cheung Ho Yeung, Leung Tik man, Wong Hang of 4C

First Runner-up (Trophy and $1200 cash coupon) won by
Kwong Kwan Hung, Chu Chun Wong, Chan Hong Hang, Chan Man Yui of 4C

Their presentation can be viewed online at the following link:


They also have online photo album:

We have got a copy of their photos:

It also announced on Maryknoll Fathers’ School Department of Physics Page: